What we can do for you:

Workplace Investigations -  We conduct Title XII and Title IX investigations of discrimination and harassment complaints or other employee relations issues before these issues reach legal entities.  We provide recommendations for solutions to resolve these issues.  

On Demand HR Counsel - We provide immediate counsel to employees and/or companies seeking employment related issues before anyone has to seek formal counsel. 

Speaking – We  speak on topics of leadership, diversity and disruptive change.  We use humor and personal experiences to help create a paradigm shift and sensitivity to the change in the world around us. 

Interim Human Resources Support - We provide  businesses with solutions about people including counsel, reorganization, talent acquisition, reorganization support and a myriad of other business support for businesses who are not yet ready for full-time HR staff.

Organization Development – We develop future leaders for your organization.  We  assess your organization's talent and capability, enhance current leadership capabilities, assess culture, identify obstacles and work to prepare the next generation of leaders.   We create new pathways of communication to help businesses extend their reach and increase business performance.    We help you compete on a larger scale by bringing our decades of experience and knowledge and helping you apply it within your own company.  

Diversity  – Diversity progress is in direct correlation to the development of the organization. The Bright Group has a model that is utilized in order to make substantial progress in Diversity efforts.   We do not believe lack of diversity progress is solely a recruitment issue.  We believe it is an ecosystem!  We provide intimate consultation on this topic in order to provide a non-threatening and open approach to success.   Our unique identities enable us to see these issues from multiple lenses. We help normalize discussions to afford comfortable conversations, enabling teams to reach their fullest potential.   Our goal is to help corporations identify the equilibrium in these issues.  We help businesses develop diversity leverage in order to scale and grow and outperform its competitors!  Additionally, we have strategic partnerships with diversity recruitment firms for diverse talent. 

Private Coaching – We coach!  We help the people identified on your succession plans as high potentials and get them ready!  We help you mend the gap that exists in corporate boardrooms and on leadership teams.  We offer personal coaching to individuals to help them achieve success.   


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